About Project

DWAR – An Urban Artwork for the people.
Our cities today are going through rapid regeneration to cater for the needs of the future. Intelligent and smart cities has become an immediate necessity to improve both physical and social infrastructure of our urban settlements. With the restructuring of our urban spaces the need has developed not only for state of the art infrastructure but also for spaces in our city that adds social values to our community. Plazas, public arts, parks not only improve the aesthetic qualities of our cities, it also improves the quality of life by adding vibrancy.
Kolkata is known for its vibrant community and social life which is evident in its physical manifestation. The streets and social spaces, whether in North Kolkata’s heritage zone or in Dalhousie’s Victorian city centre, is our city’s pride and prized possession. As Kolkata grows its physical boundaries, the newly planned areas need to carry forward the city’s rich legacy of its interactive social and community spaces so evident along its street edges. Thus there is a growing need for public plazas, public art works and quality landscape in the newly planned areas be it Rajarhat New Town, Baruipur, BT Road or Joka.
As an attempt to contribute to the idea of improving the city’s urban life through public arts Benchmark Developer, with the support of WBHIDCO has developed DWAR – an urban artwork for the people. Located on the New Town 6 lane expressway besides City Center 2, DWAR is a public plaza conceptualized as a space for the citizen’s of Kolkata. Built around an art work by eminent sculptor Tapas Sarkar DWAR represents the dynamic city. While the sculpture is envisioned to be an iconic symbol of growth and dynamism representing the New Kolkata, the space around it with its green landscape and stepped¬† plaza is a space for the community.
In the future as New Town matures as a city and meets the aspiration of the people, Benchmark hopes that DWAR will become a symbolic urban space through which the community can associate and relate adding to the legibility of the city itself.

Inauguration Date: 12th July 2016

Honorable Guest:

Mr. Firhad Hakim
Hon'ble Minister
Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Department
Government of West Bengal

Mr. Purnendu Basu
Hon'ble Minister
Agriculture Department
Government of West Bengal

Mr. Debashis Sen, IAS

Mr. Sandeep Tewari
General Manager, Network 1
State Bank of India
Local Head Office
Samriddhi Bhavan

Mr. Kartik Banerjee
Vivek Social Welfare Organisation

Distinguish guests from the cultural world will also be present