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Benchmark Developers is a game changer real estate company based in Kolkata that keeps on delightfully surprising the city and its people with its new generation architectural marvels.

Since its very first day, Benchmark has been like the inception of a dream that aspires to go beyond, making impossible possible…

At your service almost over a decade now, we have vowed to restructure the city life and spread more joy at your home as well as at your professional space. With quite a few giant Benchmark projects glorifying the city skyline and three more on the verge of completion, we can surely boast of our professionalism and customer friendly approach that have championed us in gaining unswaying goodwill among the property buyers. Our array of interests ranges from:

  • Developing real estate projects for residential, commercial and educational institutions
  • Conducting deals for lease and sale purchase
  • Directly interacting with property owners, developers and clients

Benchmark has come up with a notable number of outstanding residential & commercial real estate ventures and educational projects such as Santosh Chamber, Santosh Enclave, Benchmark Nova, NIPS School of Management et al.

Soon we are going to present an awe-inspiring sculpture named Dwar that will redefine the architectural history of Kolkata…


For Benchmark, only sky is the limit!

We are the worshipers of beauty who want to erect magnificence like once Romans did or make wonders like ancient Egyptians succeeded into.

We want to not just fill up spaces but to create poetry on concrete, to explore unique rhythm of aesthetics.

We have always believed in the uncompromising good work and would carry on with this positive enthusiasm in future as well. We aim at becoming the most trusted and most sought after Developers’ Company in coming years.

We dare claim to change this city’s skyline with the magic wand called perfection…


We believe in seizing the day. The city is once again standing at the threshold of architectural renaissance as it once experienced. Keeping with that spirit, Benchmark invites the latest architectural knowledge and technologies into its creations to give Kolkata a rejuvenating makeover.

We exist to spread joy through our pursuit of beauty where luxury hugs you at every step. The highly qualified professionals at our Company ensure supreme standard in quality construction, on time possession and consumer satisfaction. Our greatest strength lies in our unwavering reputation: once we commit, we fashion nothing less than a piece of dream.

We do stand firm in our mission of pampering the citizens of Kolkata with a world class lifestyle… Such an endearing experience that you never want to leave…

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Director’s Speech

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing. – Pele

As the captain of the ship I’m extremely proud to announce that from its very inception Benchmark claimed to redefine the skyline of this city and we have exceeded all our expectations in keeping up with the challenge… Our relentless journey at Benchmark over a decade as well as the applauds for our ambitious architectural ventures do aspire us to establish more daring adventures in future.

Our first and foremost goal has always been winning people’s hearts. For us nothing matters more than a happy smile after visiting one’s own heaven on earth. For us, no money can buy happiness, but hard work can!

We have always focused on quality construction, on-time delivery and aesthetic perfection to its highest level. I’m glad to say we have fared exceedingly well in all quarters of real estate construction be it commercial spaces, residential projects or educational architectures.

At Benchmark we have evolved into not only an all-rounder real estate company, but a trusted friend who you can depend on to reach the sky. In the coming years, we will keep on presenting you with global standard lifestyle involving latest architectural technologies…

We believe in making everything possible!

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